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Orange Electric's Machine Vision

The age of machines have began. Today, Orange Electric's 100 member Machine Vision team is in the forefront in supporting worlds leading Ground Truth companies to build machines that can replace human judgement, million times faster and accurately, every time.

Orange Electric's latest Machine Vision technologies and expertise help build Artificial Intelligent Automobiles. Most of the worlds leading automobile manufactures uses vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance systems that we helped build. May be one day in the future, our work will lead to building collision free vehicles and make road accidents a thing of the past and thus save countless lives.

Our Computer Vision expertise is rendered in the development of Smart Vision Spectacles for the visually impaired, by providing Artificial Vision recognition.  Various objects are identified by the intelligent glasses that are commonly used in day to day life and they also help avoid road hazards while commuting. It is certain, that our work someday will ensure that no one will have to be visually handy-caped any longer.  


  • Information technology manegment.
  • Back office client support services.
  • Data entray services.
  • Graphic services/Image processing.
  • Customer contact services.

Information Technology Services

We offer high-end technical skills, expertise and experience in providing high-end remote network/application management and support for clients all over the world. ORANGE Machine Vision Networking & IT solutions is a globally recognized company for providing Information Technology solutions, IT consulting services and Networking services. We have a research team for new IT experimenting and deploying the latest technology with IT solutions to our clients based on our client’s specific requirements. We follow ISO standards and IEEE standards for a smooth and standardized environment in maintaining consistency. Quality assurance & testing is handled by a highly skilled team to enhance the efficiency, integrity, user-friendliness and quality of our systems. Our systems & solutions and services come with the ORANGE Machine Vision Warranty.

Back office client support services:

Machine Vision offers high end customer support services with excellent technical skills in the industry. We drive towards client satisfaction for customers who depend on us for the work done on behalf of them for their organizations. Our services are offered at very reasonable prices. We provide:

  • All sorts of back office requirements
  • Mailing lists
  • E-mail application services
  • Customer contacts via mail/written documents
  • Examination results
  • Cheque clearing
  • Update client data base
  • Providing consistent updates to customers on behalf of the client requirement

Data entry services:

We have the capability, passion and the necessary expertise to handle your data entry requirements. We offer cost effective and quality solutions output as needed. Our services include:

  • Word processing.
  • Online data entry of URL links as per your requirement with their categorization
  • Telecommunication billing
  • Data entry based on image files
  • Hospital records, patient notes and accident reports and patient mail reminders
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • E-Book and E-magazine publications on the

Graphic services and Image processing:

We as Machine Vision has not limited our talents only to back office data entry we are experts on graphic design services and image processing. Currently we have undertaken large projects on image processing and graphics for Europe and other parts of the world. Our services include:

  • Graphic designing and development of art works.
  • Gather information to program vehicle sensors.
  • Tagging the risk approach of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Banners and online publications.

Customer contact services:

Machine Vision not only offers a range of services, but also forges productive business relationships. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs. In addition, we are experts in providing world class call center services to bring gains in productivity to our customers.

We consistently provide world class standard voice training to our voice team within our premises and offer necessary steps and procedures to deliver a messaging to the customers professionally minimizing investments for solely owned and managed customer care divisions. Our services include

  • 24x7 facility.
  • Service level agreements.
  • Multi accounting software support
  • Monthly status review.

Machine Vision